Whole Mama Care

All mamas need love!

All mamas need love! That’s why Dr. Mowry has a special programs designed for you throughout your pregnancy and post postpartum. In addition to physical treatment, your needs will be met on a nutritional level from recommending proper nutrients, vitamins, dietary improvements, and exercise both prenatal and post postpartum.

Dr. Mowry is able to align your pelvis and back, relieve your aches and pains associated with pregnancy help, help support you and your growing baby’s dietary needs, and beyond!

When I was 5 months pregnant with my first baby, I started having lower back pains due to my hips being unaligned. Dr. Mowry was able to realign as well as ease some of the common aches and pains caused by my growing belly. A little bit later on in pregnancy I developed migraines and plantar fasciitis. After treating both (very common) ailments, I decided to schedule weekly appointments to maintain my health and comfort. I just recently had my baby girl (#2), and of course Dr. Mowry was with me every step of the way! I owe a huge part of both my pregnancies being so enjoyable to Dr. Mowry!

T.E., Gambrills, MD

Prenatal Physical Therapy

Your body is changing. You can see and feel many changes on the outside; your shape, your energy level, and others. But there are many other changes that you cannot see. Hormonal and weight changes are affecting your ligaments. Your growing baby will stretch your pre-natal pelvic and abdominal muscles and challenge them in the post-partum months. Understanding your special needs during the childbearing season will improve your overall health. Schedule your evaluation with physical therapist Dr. Kristin Mowry, who specializes in Women’s Health. Dr. Mowry is trained to restore movement and function. Common disorders during the childbearing years include backache, stiff joints, and neurological problems. A musculoskeletal evaluation is always completed and your treatment program is personalized to meet your individual needs. Treatment often includes such things as an exercise program, soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release, joint mobilization and patient education.

Pre and Post Natal Therapy

Hello Mamas! How are you? Surviving? Let’s lean on each other here. This may be your first, this may be your fifth, but either way, you are on my website for a reason. Let me help you now. So here we turn around the most difficult bend in the road. Gravity starts to pull at your groin, helping Mother Nature with her task. Meanwhile, you feel like your doing everything you can to keep the baby from dropping out. This can wreak havoc on your sense of equilibrium, both mentally and physically. You can be uncomfortable and have pain like you never have before. That’s why we are going to talk about the most important topic – physical therapy.



Get An Early Start

Here I should apologize for your doctor. This subject should have been discussed in the first trimester. Your OB should have told you that the sooner you come see me, the better, and before the larger increase of added weight is the most ideal. But anytime is still a good time. Many of us get some aches and pains during the nine months of pregnancy. It’s natural that 25-65 (mas o menos) pounds of extra weight is going to shift things around a bit and cause some discomfort. But some of us unlucky ones find ourselves truly, physically challenged. Common limitations come in the form of Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Lumbo-Pelvic Instability problems. I won the good odds bet with 2 out of 3. Your enthusiasm and belief in physical therapy will have you rolling on the ground and jumping up with ease and agility singing “Amen sister, Amen.” I’m not kidding. Call me today for relief! I’d love to help! Prenatal Physical Therapy offers a wide range of benefits, which include the following:

  • Improves skin elasticity that can help reduce stretch marks
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases pain/pressure in the pelvic/hip area
  • Eases backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches that may be caused by muscle tension and shifts in posture to accommodate increasing weight
  • Helps reduce swelling in such places as hands and lower legs
  • Can alleviate the stress on weight-bearing joints, like the knees, which are impacted by the extra weight of a growing baby
  • Promotes relaxation, deep breathing, and better sleep
  • Helps stabilize hormone levels by lessening anxiety
Baby foot in hand


Post Partum Rehabilitation — From Flab to Fab


Postnatal Rehabilitation

Hello Mamas! Ten months later and how are you feeling? I am still here for you. I can help you shape up again, eat healthy, assist with getting the hang of breastfeeding, mobilize your episiotomy or cesarian scar, accelerate your healing process, and get you to start feeling like yourself again.

Postpartum Strengthening

During the postpartum period women often need postural re-education, assistance with strengthening, and care for their individual areas of pain and concern. Strengthening often enables women to better care for their child as well as care for their individual areas of discomfort as a result of childbearing.

Post-Cesarean Care

Following a cesarean birth, women often benefit from: Abdominal muscle strengthening, Scar management instruction, Flexibility training, Posture and body mechanics education.

Post Partum Episiotomy Care

Following a vaginal birth, there may be pain and discomfort associated with a tear or episiotomy. Women benefit from: Abdominal Muscle Strengthening, Scar management instruction, Flexibility training, Posture and body mechanics education.